Zora was born in Croatia, in 1921. Her family was privileged, in that her parents and grand parents had acquired considerable wealth, largely through their holdings in vineyards in the Split area. This is perhaps why Zora once told me that her memories of the Nazi occupation of their country was that they were very benign. However, when the communists came in, all of that changed. Zora, along with most of her immediate family escaped the country and immigrated to the United States but all of their wealth was lost. In the 1980's, Zora published a book that she had been writing for years, relating her experiences as a young girl growing up in her beloved homeland, and moving on with her escape from the despised communists. It is called 'The Wandering Years', written under her pen name of Zora Marov. We still have the original manuscript if any future interest should arise for it, however now that Croatia is again a nation it is not likely to be in demand. But, during the hectic years when nationalism was hot and the fight for a free Croatia was strong, there was a demand for the book, primarily by those interested in researching the old country.

Sam was born in this country in 1916, to parents of Croatian descent. His father was a fisherman, and Sam spent most of his youth on a fishing boat. It was a natural thing for Sam to have his own fishing boat when he was older. The Veteran, the name of his boat, worked out of San Pedro, CA, for many years. With his years of experience at sea, Sam was away from home much of the time that his two children were growing up. He earned his Master's Seaman License, which empowered him to pilot ships around the world. This included driving the big guys for Standard Oil, and in later years, the little tug boats that jockeys the big ones around in the harbor.

Sam and Zora Zamberlin lived their lives together in Southern California. They had a home in Palm Springs at one time, but for the most part they lived in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Sam died in 1991 and Zora in 1993. Beautiful people, sorely missed.