What follows is Historical Only

After only One Login in One month and maybe two
or three the month before, the plug was pulled on

April 22, 2000, the day before Easter.

Still working towards a www presence, so all is not lost.


Upper Transylvania BBS

Gardena, California


Node 1 Phone #: 310-515-6843
Node 2 Phone #: 310-515-6953 (soon to be gone)*
(deleted 3/13/00 Node 4 Phone #: 310-515-1757)
(deleted 10/11/99 Node 3 Phone #: 310-768-3399)

(former node 5 # 310-515-7996 is now our FAX line)


Provide a friendly, local, atmosphere, suitable for people of all ages. Free but for only the cost of a phone call.
We discourage 'Flaming' others and encourage friendly 'live' chat between users on different nodes

Encourage spreading of The Word of God
Salvation is gained through the shed blood of Christ and all may be saved through acceptance of Him

Every effort is made to stay available 24 hours every day at from 2400 to 33.6k baud
We welcome users of all faiths, even those with none. If we can plant a seed within those, we have served our purpose.


(BBS System)

128 Megs of RAM
AMD K6-233 CPU
Two Hard Drives totaling 1 Gig

Total System
Several UPS' with approx. 10 minute capability each, Computers only.

HS Network to five other computers of greater capability for backup purposes.
[Running OS/2, Win95, Win98, and Linux, on a 100 Base-T Network].
Two US Robotics Courier V-Everything Modems, up to 33.6k Baud.

Wildcat v4.2 (10 Node Capability)
Solidly humming along in OS/2 Warp 4
Numerous Games

We have the capability to host our BBS users on the web with their own e-mail accounts. The next challenge is to enable BBS messaging using our virtual server.
In the queue for DSL service when (if) Pacific Bell gets our lines up to the standards most areas have.

* Planned for the Near Future
Our DSL Line was on order, but Pac Bell torpedoed that plan - our lines will not currently support high speed data.
Our Apache Web Server is cooking and works as an intranet server right now.
Our direct link to the www is still going to happen, only when is the question.

Brief History

First Phone Call
March 20, 1993

We started with one node back then. Our phone number was 704-884-2827. When we got 'busy', we used our voice line for a second node.

First California Phone Call
April 9, 1994

Started here with two nodes - Nodes 1 and 2. The third node was hooked up within a year. The fourth node was hooked up for the start of 1997.

Improved System (System 2 added) w/Fifth Node and Adaptec BBS, OS/2 native.
Christmas Season, 1997

Reduced Capacity back to Four Nodes
July 19, 1998

Our own web virtual server
August 5, 1998

Apache Web Server up and running
October 2, 1999

Reduction in node availability
October 1999 and March 2000

BBS Name

People often ask how we came up with the name for this BBS, especially considering that we are a Christian BBS.

You may have noted that the Area Code of our original BBS was 704. At the time, we lived in beautiful Western North Carolina, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our home was in western Transylvania County, so the name was a natural for the circumstances. We just kept it when we moved.

The Future of UTBBS

Of course, no one can foresee the future, but we can dream and plan. If it is within God's plan, this BBS will continue on and on. The changes foreseen are that it will have more of a www presence, enabling e-mail for its users via a web link. Though our usage has dropped dramatically due to, I'm sure, people such as yourself using the internet more and local BBS's less, we intend to continue to stay up and help spread God's Word in our small way. We can now offer our BBS' users their own free e-mail accounts as 'user@uptrans.com'

Once we have the direct connection to the web backbone, the BBS will go away. In its place will be a web site called, as before, Upper Transylvania BBS. Availability to it will hopefully be via the net like any other site, but also via the phone lines still in place here. The users who have visited the BBS most frequently and most recently will have web accounts set up so they can access the web directly, as with an ISP, through the existing phone lines. That is the plan anyhow. Now, if we could just light a fire under Pac Bell.

Last activities:

The last users meet was held way back last year on July 19, 1998, at Round Table Pizza across from the South Bay Galleria. Some of those in attendence are shown in the picture below.

Next activities:

Open - anyone left? Want another meet?

He, to whom this BBS is dedicated

The Lord's Prayer
John3 16
Breaking Bread

Other places Worth Visiting

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Comments and Suggestions

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