For this bunch of folks, try , however don't expect much. The search engines direct most searches to the old TRW Credit Reporting group, long ago sold to someone else. TRW Space and Defense, tends to not try to stick out too far, so as to be a smaller target - I think literally. As a result, they are not as easy to find. But, they are the folks for whom I have given my past 40 some years of service (off and on). If ya gotta work, they are as good as you're gonna do. I've worked for the US Army (as a soldier), Hughes Aircraft, Atomics International (contracted with H.L. Yoh for them), and Aerospace Corp. These were the significant outfits I've spent time and effort with, and TRW is the best. Today, as close as you can come is to go to the Northrop Grumman link, but it's nothing like the old trw link.

When I first hired in, it was with the Ramo-Wooldridge Corporation, back in about 1959. We became Space Technology Laboratories (STL), at about the time I left to go find work with Uncle Howey (Howard Hughes). That was fun, but the greater challenge was with Ramo and Wooldridge, at that point called TRW, having teamed up officially with Thompson Products in the interim. We did some really hot stuff back then. Seems that all the really hot new stuff has already been done, so life isn't in the fast lane any more. Still, plodding along with this fine bunch of folks is so fulfilling that I will probably work until I drop.

On December 11, 2002, TRW ceased to exist. Now, it is called Northrop Grumman Space Technology or simply, NGST. If Northrop Grumman will let us keep our identity and not force us to abandon our illustrious past, we will continue to produce exceptionally good products. Unfortunately however, I have a rather negative feeling about our new parent corporation letting us do that. Eventually, we will change. Probably to better fit the mold as formed by Lockheed Martin and Boeing. Is bigger better? Time will tell.

Time has passed and the evidence has accumulated. NGST changed from the old Space Technology group which attempted to keep some of the old TRW Space Technology culture to NGAS, for AeroSpace. The focus has shifted from building the best space hardware available to just pounding on sheet metal and hammering out aeroplanes. Gone is the culture of excellance TRW had and it was replaced with the culture of "Just another airplane factory". Finally on the last day of July, 2013, I had, had it with this factory and retired. It was an awesome ride to this point though.