Though some incredibly beautiful sights may be seen upon this earth, the most awesome are found in the heavens. As astonishing new non-copyrighted images (or copyrighted with proper rights included) are found, they will be posted here.

Deep Space Study, as done by the Hubble Space Telescope. Part of this is used as the background for the old UTBBS Page.

Gaseous nebula as seen in the infra-red by the Hubble, rendered in false color.

Another beauty from the Hubble. Credits are on the picture.

Again, from the Hubble.

Crab Nebula

Hubble again. As with most from Hubble, credits are on the picture.

So we live on the third rock from the sun. Such a rock!

More from Hubble.



Hubble again.


ngc6745 from Hubble.

ngc1748 from Hubble. (big)


n81 from Hubble.

n1512 from Hubble. (big)


A Quintet from the Hubble. (big)

Orion view - the Trapezium up close.

Trifid Pillars and Jets.


There was a time, back in 1956, when these were important to me. The following aircraft pictures were taken by me at Biggs AFB, Texas, when I was in the army stationed next door at Ft. Bliss. The B-36's were especially impressive - too bad none still exist in flying condition. The others are an B-47, F-86D, and RF-84F. Click on a thumbnail to bring up a larger image, optimized for 800x600.

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December 31, 2001