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Transylvania County North Carolina, Grand Island, Nebraska, GIHS, GIHS53, Doane College, Upper Transylvania BBS, Christian BBS, Turkeys Running Wild, LAPD, LASD, Lennox, LASO, NRA, National Rifle Association, American Legion, Ron Hoffman, Ronald Hoffman, Rev. Ronald F. Hoffman, Louise Hoffman, Zora Marov, Dutch Hoffman, Alzada Hoffman, Walter Hoffman, Leon Forst, Jerry Hoffman, Jerry Forst, Debbie Forst, Debbie Maatsch, Nancy Forst, Nancy Williamson, Crete, The Flower Basket, Hall County, Jerri Conrad, Sam Zamberlin, Zora Zamberlin, Bob Binstein, Paul Binstein, Pacific Western University, Fiero, Brevard, North Carolina, The Wandering Years, Ordainment, Jewish Community Center, Catholic Church, Methodist Church, Baptist Church, Southwest Radio Church, Focus on the Family