Alzada Lera Richardson was born in 1904, in Hecker, MO. Hecker doesn't exist any more except perhaps as a wide spot on a lonely country road. Even its court house burned down back in the Nineteen - teens, taking along all records of those who were born there. Alzada moved to Nebraska when she was a young girl, ending up in Grand Island, by way of Lexington, NE, where she met Dutch. Alzada and Dutch were married in 1923, in Lexington. After raising a small family, once the last rug-rat was old enough to reasonably stay out of trouble, she started a business doing what she had longed to do for most of her life. She was a gifted artist with flowers, and anything that grew. In about 1948, she opened a florist shop called The Flower Basket, operating out of the basement of her home in Grand Island. Despite its modest start, it soon caught up with the other established florist shops in the area. Her success was consistent, causing her to build on and move into larger quarters. However, despite her love of the business and her success, she had to give it up due to health reasons in the late 60's. At that time, she and Dutch moved to what was then just outside of town, on the south side near a small lake. There, they spent their last years together in a beautiful setting, before Dutch died.

Mom stayed in Grand Island until she was no longer able to live alone and care entirely for herself. At that time, she moved to Murphysboro, IL, where she spent her final few years, living with Jerry and Sam. She died in 1988.

Another fine example for a person to look up to. She was always busy in a constructive way. When she wasn't working, she was helping someone or some worthwhile cause. Always behind the scenes and never for public notice. Her church noticed. Altrusa noticed. Her kids noticed. No doubt, she is wearing a crown of stars now.