Leon Frances Forst. There is so much to say about that guy and so little space and time to do it in. Guess I'll just keep it simple. He was more like my brother than most folks could contribute to their natural brothers. When he married my sister, he didn't just marry her, but our whole family as well. He became the model of the man, that I wanted to become. His obvious love for his immediate family became something that anyone would appreciate. It became a obsession of mine, to spend time with him because I knew I'd always come back with more knowldege than I had before, plus that warm feeling that I always felt when we were doing something together. We hunted together every fall, and he taught me the skills of shooting and firearms safety. He taught me that if I shoot 'em, it's OK for mom to cook 'em, but I clean 'em and we eat 'em. He'd never shoot to kill anything that didn't go on the table, unless it was a predator, and he taught me what was game and what was a predator. He showed me how it was to work hard, 8 to 5, and then some, if the job required it. He could do anything - plumbing was his specialty, but he could fix cars, weld anything to anything, bend tin to fix anything needing fixing, just about everything a teenager could imagine. Couldn't have loved that guy more if he was my natural brother. He was the model brother, husband, and father, I'm sure. His kids turned out so much like him and their mom. Born and raised in Crete, NE, he had his own plumbing shop there. His dad started the business, but he took over when his dad retired. It wasn't that long after that when he died, so very early. Sure do miss that guy, even after all these years. He was such an inspiration. The world became less with his passing. But, we'll meet again soon. That will be joyous.