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Mom, Dad, and Jerry. Composite assembled from two pictures
Debbie, Nancy, and Jerry. Enhanced from a Polaroid
Gabriel, Nancy, and Jason strolling along the Redondo Pier (11-24-99)
Nancy, Gordon, Jason, David, and Gabriel enjoying the pier (11-24-99)
Gabriel, Nancy, and Jason another shot as they strolled along the pier (11-24-99)
Williamsons and Maatschs in the late afternoon sun on the pier (11-24-99)
Debbie and Nancy in front of the Chinese Theater entrance (11-25-99)
Maatschs and Gabriel in front of ticket booth at the Chinese Theater (11-25-99)
David about Shirley Temple's age when she left her imprints (11-25-99)
The Scorpion a view of the Russian sub we toured (11-27-99)
Gordon entering one of the small control areas in submarine (11-27-99)
Debbie and Gordon viewing one of the more 'roomy' areas in the sub (11-27-99)
Debbie entering another area of the sub (11-27-99)
Jason, Gordon, and me taking a break at Long Beach Aquarium (11-27-99)
Mom, Dad, Jerry, and me. Taken around 1943 We were all on vacation in Cheyenne with the Duttons.
Mom, Dad, and Snoopy. Around 1943 In mom's garden in the back yard at 814 West Eighth Street.
Jerry. Wearing a formal prior to a major highschool dance. Around 45-46
Jerry. When we lived at 814 West Eighth. Around 1945
Jerry and me. Probably around 1942
Jerry and me. Probably around 1940
Jerry. Guess she was about 16 when this was taken
Jerry. Probably about 17 here
Nancy and Debbie. In 1955 This shot is one I will always remember, as I will the girls when they were kids.
Mom and Aunt Ceile. About 1954 Photography was a new hobby with me then and I was always bugging mom to take her picture.
Aunt Ceile about 1992 or so This was her last formal photo before she died.
Cousin Enid and me in 1943 We were in the mountains near Cheyenne.
Enid and Roy in 1996 Nice formal shot.
Grandma Richardson, Great Grampa Jenkins, and Great Uncle Tom. Around 1943 Uncle Tom Jenkins was grandma's brother.
Eight (count 'em) cousins. Gathered for the funeral service for Uncle Louie and at later the luncheon following (9-24-1999).
Girls at the lake. Nancy, Theo, and Debbie. Taken when Theo was living with them. Picture is dated Sept. 1967, but I think it had to be earlier than that.
Forsts at the lake. Again at the lake. Debbie, Nancy, and Leon. Dated 1967, but as above, almost certainly was earlier by several years.
Eight cousins again. Just a different angle of the above.
Cousin Brett and his girl friend, Janet. (9-24-1999).
Cousins Craig and Gary chatting. (9-24-1999).
Roy and Johnny enjoying the company. (9-24-1999).
Cousins Don and Enid, each side of Aunt Alberta. (9-24-1999).
Susan (Gary's wife) and Cindy, enjoying a chat. (9-24-1999).
Uncle Louie's interment. (9-24-1999).
Cousin Bob Binstein, he was probably 11 here.
Cousin Paul Binstein, taken when the one above was, so guess he was about 7 then. I'll miss this guy, we were good friends when we were kids together. 14 Feb 1942 -- 25 Jan 1998.
Me. Must have been about 10 A couple more of me as a kid, but I don't want to break the computer by including them.
Looking east at my old place of work. Rosman Research Station, North Carolina (as it looked in spring, 1999). Pic 'borrowed' from the current function of the old site (Pasgah Astronomical Research Institute).
Deputies getting ready for business. Some of the guys from Lennox station about to jump into a major confrontation - all went just fine.
Seiko at work. My ole partner doing his thing these days at Lennox.
Leon and Friends. Only pic I have of the very best friend I ever had, outside of my natural family. Leon Forst is on the left, with two of his hunting buddies.
Army Days. Way back when, stationed in Japan, this is the costume I wore.
Army Job. This is what I did back in the army days. Actually, I didn't get to shoot the darned things, I only kept the electronics working. I took this snapshot during practice, shooting at a target aircraft.
My first car. Or rather, the first car I bought without any help from the folks. 35 mpg on a bad day, nimble as a motorcycle, and a top for the rainy days. 'Twas a Triumph TR-3. What a blast.
Bob Binstein's Car. Or, what's left of it after I tried to drive it to Las Vegas in August 1956. Just out of the army, we were going to his place and I skidded out on a turn near Victorville. It was a really cherry 1950 Ford, with overdrive. Sand on the roadway, in a curve. Nuts! Bob was thrown out the passenger door and we landed on the top. I thank the Lord for Bob's survival.
Richardsons! Front row, Aunt Zella, Grandma, Aunt Lucille. Back row, Aunt Alberta, Uncle Art, and mom. Probably taken around 1952.
Fishing Summer 1953 at Leech Lake, Minnesota. With the Forsts and my folks. This is me with a friend.
Cuz's Bob and Paul, and me. Taken around 1951 at Lake Mead.
Cuz's Cindy and Craig. Probably around 1952 at the Flower Basket's back yard.
LA skyline from LAPD Central Station. Rooftop parking lot in the middle of skid row. Sure doesn't show what is at the street level:-( OCVD is the Organized Crime and Vice Division parking signs.
Erotica LA 2000. Only pic I have that is postable, taken during that sludge convention. This is the command post. About 40 officers were out on the floor at the time, with the management staffing the CP. Det. Steve Takashita, my boss, is in the center.
Louise, June 24, 2000. Nice day, everything going swell. Waldo is in her arms (our old veteran kitty).
Me, June 24, 2000. Just standing there looking as good as an old fool can look. Duh.
Richardson Family. Wedding of Reed Arthur Richardson. Front row: Billy (William Arthur) Blackburn and his wife Melissa, Reg's grandson Zachary, Ryan Richardson, cousin Sharon Blackburn, and her daughter Kim. Back row: Reg's daughter Sherril, Bill Richardson, Julie Webster-Richardson, Reed, and cousin Reggie. (photo courtesy of Reggie).
Louise and me at the Tropic of Capricorn. When we lived 'Down Under'.
Louie, Lucille, Alzada. Taken around 1986 when mom was getting ready to leave GI to go live with Jerri.
Mom and me. When we went through Nebraska in 1985, after returning from Australia.
Gus and me. What I like to do everytime I hit GI. Bowl of chili and a cony at the Cony Island. Now, that's livin'.
Our Chalet. Or once was. Loved living here, it was truely God's Country. Deep in the woods, almost jungle - still dream about it.
Neighbor's house. Typical housing up in the hills. Wouldn't mind having one now, to retire in.
Warning sign. After Jerry died, we went to Hawaii to help me get my head back on straight. I tended to ignore such signs.
Lava flow. No sweat, just don't get in its way. I had a pretty big death wish back then.
Grandma Sharon, momma Melissa, and Jessica. Blackburns new daughter, born September 5, 2000.
Daddy Bill Blackburn with Jessica. Proud poppa is beaming. (photos courtesy of Bill).
Mitch Tsubaki about to get roughed up. Deputies training with a friend, on 04-13-02.
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