To Those Who Have Preceeded Us

The people most responsible for helping us to be who and what we are today, are gone now. The good in us came from them as their inspiration lives on within us. Originally, this page was conceived as their memorial.

Here's my mom and dad (Alzada and 'Dutch'), and my sis, Jerry. Mom had a great talent for making 'normal' things prettier. After her younger kid was old enough to mostly be out of her hair, this talent led to her becoming the owner and operator of 'The Flower Basket', a highly successful floral shop in central Nebraska, for several decades. She was a member of 'Altrusa', a service organization beyond peer, and Eastern Star. Dad retired from the Union Pacific Railroad after more than 40 years of service with them, as a conductor. Additionally, he found time to hold offices with the B of RT (Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen) and local Masonic Lodge. Both mom and dad were active in the local Methodist Church. Jerry raised two unusually wonderful kids then took over the 'Forst Plumbing and Heating' business when her first husband, Leon, died at the very young age of 45. Despite her success in business and her activities in local government, Jerry sold the business and remarried, hoping to be able to relax in her later years. She never retired, but stayed active in the Catholic Church and providing a strong shoulder for her second husband to lean on, until a heart problem claimed her early, just a still very painful few years ago.

Louise's folks are gone too. This is a picture of them as they wished to be remembered. Sam and Zora. Sam once owned and operated his own commercial fishing boat, 'The Veteran', operating out of San Pedro, California, for many years. Later, he was Ships Master of the Great White Steamship, which once ferried passengers across the waters between Los Angeles and Santa Catalina Island. He retired from Red Stack Tug Boat Company but never did really stop working until he died. His Master Seaman's License took him around the world many times piloting big ships for Standard Oil. Zora raised two kids and stayed active in many events related to Croatian Independence. She authored the highly successful book, The Wandering Years, under her pen name of Zora Marov, which describes her experiences going through WW II and escaping from her beloved homeland to survive the Communist takeover. Though it is now out of print, it remains a 'must read' among those in the Croatian community who wish to research the old country.

The only picture of Leon's mom, Grandma Forst, that I have is here. She is with Marion, Leon's older sister, and Nancy's boys. Don't remember exactly when this was taken, but it was probably around summer 1997.

Aunt Lucille left us in 1994. The last formal picture of her is here. Aunt Ceile about 1992 or so.

Cousin Paul Binstein passed away on 25 January, 1998, in Las Vegas. We have little about him and didn't even hear about his death except for searches made during genealogical research. Cousin Paul Binstein, guess he was about 7 when this was taken. I'll miss this guy, we were good friends when we were kids together.

Uncle Louie passed away on 21 September, 1999. Uncle Louie's interment. (9-24-1999).

For those for whom I don't have pictures, they are still remembered. As pictures are found, they will be added.

Much as we miss these wonderful folks we know that we will all be together again very soon.

Markers for the graves of many of our loved ones may be found by clicking on the 'Picture Section', then clicking on 'Memorials', from the Main Menu.

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3 Jun 2001