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This little spot is brought to you by Louise and Ron. It is really meant only for family and dear friends. If somehow you got in here and you ain't one or tuther, do yourself a favor and buzz off. And, if you're of a liberal tendency, I'll probably offend you. If I don't, then please let me know and I'll be sure to next time (lovingly of course ;-)
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Hi you wonderful folks,
The time has continued to fly by and I guess that is a good thing figuring what it might be like if it didn't. The last time this little place was updated was probably around a year and half ago, I guess. Probably was even still working then, or had just retired and was gathering my feet under myself to see what would happen with the new life style. Well, it seems that retirement is working out OK, so there's no more excuses for not updating this joint.
What is new here are a couple of items. The first one was a matter of dealing with a general contractor who was dishonest. It has been the better part of a year now and I still get steamed up when I think about this fiasco. They did so much damage behind the walls and covered it, I hate to think of how much. One thing that has bit us is that they knocked a hole in a sewer vent pipe and stuck an outlet in the hole they put in the wall. Didn't discover this until I was flushing a drain that was stopped up and shorted a socket in the wall clear across the room (six feet anyway) with the overflow. The 60 cycle hum as the current was running through the wet socket before the breaker tripped was all I needed to know there was trouble. Then I looked under the house and saw water dripping down the foundation under the socket. They stole three brooms, two waste picker uppers, a clock, a very good battery powered drill, our trash bags, some of Louise's jewelery, it goes on with trivial stuff. They caused a leak in the ice maker line to the refrigerator and left with the kitchen flooded. We paid an emergency visit by a plumber to fix it and they didn't reimburse us. They left their mountain of trash in the back of our place and didn't remove it as promised. They stiffed us on hotel charges which they promised were part of our cost for the work. Me, like a trusting dummy, signed the paid in full contract with only a hand shake after locking eyes with the crook having his promise to take care of all the loose ends within a week. He is not to be found now.
After paying for all the work on the house we began to study our financial situation. Louise asssured me that she has enough to live on if I was to croak tomorrow and that what we have in our savings would just be taken by the government unless I could find a way to take some of it with me. One of the few times that I didn't vigorously disagree with her reasoning was when she reminded me that I had worked for over 50 years and deserved to buy myself an expensive toy. So, I did. Porsche 911 Turbo. Something to behold.
Healthwise, we're hanging in thair. Louise is having a bad time with her eyes. She is very unhappy with the results of her cataract surgery. Her eyes always seem to hurt and her vision isn't but about 20/40. My knees are just getting worse but no sense in their being replaced as my hips are starting to gripe now too. Why would I walk anyway when I can drive about 200 mph (theretically).
That's about it this time. Hopefully with this site up and running again, I will keep this updated more frequently.
As always, my love, prayers and best wishes are with you all.
Last updated 03-05-15