TDY to Australia - Aug 31 to Oct 8, 2001

A brief discription of the picture is below each one. Bush fires are prominent due to a wet fall creating much fuel for them as soon as things dried out, Ayres Rock is well known, but much of the less known stuff might evoke a query. For now at least, simply look at the pretty wild desert flowers, the assorted pictures, and ask away if anything interests you.

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Want to give a special thanks to Calvin Ledbetter, my traveling companion. His great eye for photography helped me find the right spot and the right time to take these snapshots. I suggest you visit his website at to see some fine professional shots and a very well done web site. Must admit, several of these shots were 'borrowed' from Calvin's favorite locations. I would never have found them on my own.

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Pine Gap, aka JDFPG, where I lived and worked.
This is the only pic I didn't take (it was purchased at the site)

Tropic of Capricorn Marker

Me at the Tropic of Capricorn Marker

View out Heavytree Gap, leaving Alice Springs

Me at Scotty's 'Watering Hole'

Calvin Ledbetter at Scotty's

Quiet Pond near Alice Springs

The Old (refurbished) Telegraph Station--Genesis of Alice Springs

Typical Swagman's Camp

Refurbished Blacksmith Shop at the Telegraph Station

Just outside of The Alice, heading towards Ayres Rock

Stuarts Desert Pea

Desert Wild Flowers

Middle of Nowhere

More Desert Wild Flowers

More Middle of Nowhere (Enroute to Ayres Rock)

A Lonely Little Wild Flower

Still Enroute to Ayres Rock

Flowers by Road

More Desert in Springtime near Ayres Rock

Just a Pretty Pepper Tree

Lake Amadeus with Water and Camel Tracks to Island

Typical view Out in the Bush

An Interesting Bush, out in the Bush, enroute to Ayres

Mt. Conner

Ayres Rock

Start of Climb up Ayres Rock

View of Early Part of Climb up Ayres Rock

Trail to the Top of Ayres

Ayers Rock from another angle

Back way to Climb Ayres Rock (not permitted though)

Another view of the Rock

Broken Bolder Sized hunk of Ayres ready to fall

West End of Ayres Rock

Aborigional Story Board - Paintings on Roof of Overhang at Ayres

More Abo Paintings within Overhang

More very old Rock Paintings at Ayres

Pond on South Side of Ayres Rock

View of Ayres from West End

The Olgas, Rock Formation near Ayres

A Bit Closer to the Olgas

One of the Olgas

Same Olga with Telephoto

Police Paddy Wagon prior to Henly on Todd

An Entry, in Parade, to the Henly on Todd

Another Entry in the Race

More HoT Parade Entries

You have it by now - these silly things make the day

An Entry by a US Team

Annual Popular Entry, motorized Viking Ship

One of the early races on the Henly on Todd

Henly on Todd, Crew Race

Some of the Crowd at the Henly on Todd

Henly on Todd, Kayak Race

Henly on Todd, Bathtub Race

Feature of Bathtub Race, each contained a girl (Bikini optional)

Another Boat Race

Simpsonsgap, Pretty spot just outside The Alice

Ellery Gorge, some distance from The Alice

Another view of pretty Ellery Gorge

Another neat spot near The Alice - Ormistons Gorge

A shot of me at Ormistons Gorge

Glenn Helen, couple of hours out of The Alice

When you 'want to get away', you go here - Glenn Helen

Another view of the Glenn Helen Area

Just around the bend from Glenn Helen

Rod Preble, other travaling companion, near Glenn Helen

Bush fire near Simpsons Gap

Bush Fire jumped into Trees

Big Tree Fire

Bush Fires Starting in the West

More Bush Fires

Still more Bush Fires

Lots o Bushfires

Bad Fire Season

Sunset in the Bush

Major Bush Fire at Night

Typical Cattle Truck

Untypical Cattle Truck

One way to spend the weekend

Bond Springs Glider Port, in Action

Coming Down is the Hard Part

Landing without a scratch is the catch

A day well spent

Sydney Harbor Bridge at Dusk

Sydney Harbor Bridge at Night

One of the Prettiest Cities on Earth - Sydney

Sydney Opera House in the Evening

Sydney Opera House at Night

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