Walter Arthur Hoffman was born in 1901 in Cozad, NE. He was schooled in the Cozad school system and then worked in the Cozad and Lexington area before moving to Grand Island, NE, around 1920. At some period in that timeframe, he started working for the Union Pacific Railroad, as a trainman out of Grand Island. In 1923, he married Alzada. He spent a long career as a railroad trainman, retiring from the UPRR in or around 1966. He came out of retirement for nearly a year to help the UPRR when a neighboring railroad suffered a major loss of service due to floods, and the UPRR took up their slack. Most of his later years working for them was as a freight conductor, though when he came out of retirement his role was that of a passenger conductor. I heard it from some of his co-workers that he was superior at his job. When he wasn't on the road, he was the 'delivery boy' for Alzada, helping her in every way, in the running of the flower shop, The Flower Basket. His additional endeavors included holding office with the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, and the Masons. Known affectionately by his friends as 'Dutch', he was remembered as an outstanding cook, being in demand for social functions of all sorts. He died unexpectedly in 1973, just two weeks before his and Alzada's Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Only the fondest memories remain of dad. He had no vices, at least not any known to his kids. OK, he smoked, but who didn't back during those years? I never heard him cuss nor saw him drink more than a rare one or two beverages of mild content. Always sober and always mild tempered. Another loving soul I look forward to being with again in the not-too-distant future.