Crete, Nebraska. Now, if you have to live in the middle of the mid-west, there is as good a choice as any to plant yourself. Sort of located in a holler formed by the Big Blue River, it was established by the Burlington Railroad towards the end of the 19th Century. About 25 or so miles south of Lincoln, NE, it isn't hard to find. Especially since it is home to Doane College, a little college that helps teach you how to be liberal. I went there. While I loved Crete, I didn't love Doane. As crappie liberal colleges go, Doane is superb - perhaps among the best. I would have liked it if I had been of a mind to be content with liberal pap. I'm a techie. Formal dining, countless hours of boredom consisting of lectures on history, English, philosophy, psychology, German, music, art, barf, you name it, soon burned me out to the point that I was thrown out of college by the dean. I went on to other more technical things successfully, so I'm not a total loser - honest. Just ask me. Still, Doane sends me cards and letters asking for donations, as regular and as welcome as IRS. It is a beautiful campus - that they have earned and deserve, but the fact that they let the old Merrill Hall burn down disgusts me - my name was carved in the bell tower, along with that of my brother-in-law, Leon Forst, who inspired me to do mine.

However, Crete remains one of the few towns wherein I would seriously consider retiring. You might smell the Crete Mills, but it is a good organic smell, from the grinding of grains, and they are also a great landmark with their tall storage elevators. Good food, beautiful (for the mid-west) area, and great people, who are for the most part, followers of Jesus.