Transylvania County North Carolina is located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, in beautiful western North Carolina. The county seat is Brevard, a small town filled with friendly Christian people. Only a short drive northwest of Brevard, nine miles along US highway 64, then six winding miles up state 215 towards the Blue Ridge Parkway, stands today, the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute (PARI). (Try For over six years, I had the privilege of working there, within sight of the Blue Ridge Parkway. That job was a wondrous blessing, in so many ways.

When living there, Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's) were in vogue and we hosted one of the very few in the area, called naturally, Upper Transylvania BBS. It started without much focus, but developed into a Christian venue. After ole Clinton closed the establishment where I worked (what is now PARI), we had to move back to where the work was, Southern California, but we kept the BBS going along with its old name. Finally, the internet took away all of our users, even though we were always free, so we had to pull the plug. But, in its brief life, UTBBS could boast of a large group of dedicated, wonderful, and bright, young users.

If my dream could come true, I would retire in the Brevard area (or in Crete, NE). Different, definitely, but the same in the things that really matter.